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Independently developed epitaxial wafers and chips for 940 nm VCSEL
Release time: 2019-04-23
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外延片 940 VCSEL epitaxial wafer

产品特点 1. Product Features

产品 PL 波长和光强一致性好, Dip 均匀性和一致性高; ① The PL wavelength and light intensity of the product are consistent, and the Dip uniformity and consistency are high;

PCE>35% SE>0.8 ,温度稳定性和可靠性良好; PCE> 35% , SE> 0.8 , good temperature stability and reliability;

尺寸为 4 寸和 6 寸。 ③ The size of the existing epitaxial wafer is 4 inches and 6 inches.


产品应用 2. Product application

VCSEL 芯片,主要用于: 3D 感测(人脸识别); 安防监控(摄像头); ③自动驾驶( 激光雷达)。 This epitaxial wafer can be used to make VCSEL chips of different specifications such as single tube and array , mainly used for: 3D sensing (face recognition); security monitoring (camera); ③ automatic driving ( lidar).

芯片 940 VCSEL chip

13mil 30mil 40mil ,或客户定制版图的芯片,包括单管或阵列。 CL-940 VCSEL_08mil , 13mil , 30mil , 40mil , or custom layout chip, including single tube or array.

Product example:

CL-940 VCSEL_08mil

产品特征: 单发光孔; 多模态; 温度相关性低。 1. Product features: Single light-emitting hole; Multi-modality; Low temperature correlation.

产品应用: 近接感测。 2. Product application: proximity sensing.


CL-940 VCSEL_40mil

产品特征: ①高功率 阵列发光; ②双排焊垫设计;③ 可支持客制化设计。 1. Product features: ① High-power array lighting; ② Double-row solder pad design; ③ Customized design can be supported.

产品应用: 3D 感测;②手机后置摄像头( ToF );③安控摄像头。 2. Product application: 3D sensing; ② mobile phone rear camera ( ToF ); ③ security control camera.